sábado, 28 de enero de 2012

mujer trabajando

Este año no nos vamos de vacaciones ( otra vez, aunque por otro motivo).

Me quedo en Capital tejiendo y trabajando con las flores.

Trato de leer todos los blogs de mis amores, pero no siempre puedo comentar.
Perdón por eso.
Nos vemos pronto!

4 comentarios:

  1. hello veronica...i need your adress so i can mail your French Bag! Have you tried to send it to me yet? merci!

  2. Yes! I just tried again, I was with technical problems.Merci beaucop

  3. Ah don't worry about commenting. I can't comment much these days either - busy packing boxes for the move next week to Wales. By the way what are those in the second image - very colourful.

    1. Hello Shaheen: Late again, sorry! The second image is one of my jobs at the moment: that little bags are the accesories for a hand made doll made by another talented woman. I make 200 or 300 of this mini crochet bags. It's extra money! I'm following your move!Good luck